IT Consulting

Planning is the largest and most important step when starting on a software venture. Proper planning allows for thorough examination of all aspects that could potentially impact cost. This allows clients to make a confident decision before investing and beginning a project.

Project Planning

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NTMK reduces development time by executing robust planning. We create multiple reports all clients can understand regardless of knowledge in the tech industry. By proper planning and documentation we create a picture of how systems should perform, look, and be implemented this in turn creates a solid foundation on which to work from reducing unnecessary costs in the future. Get your application in production faster while minimizing risks!

Project Documentation

NTMK produces many project documents that cover every detail from start to finish allowing our clients to focus on the important aspects of running their business. Dont waste time halfway through a project on unresolved issues and other unknowns. NTMK ensures you will know what needs to be done every step of the way. Lets us do the research and weigh the pros and cons as a result our clients will have more than enough information to properly make beneficial business decisions.

Documents showing workflow pinned to a wall
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IT Consulting Breakdown

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  • New Client Rate - 25% discount for the first 6 months
  • Personalized Solutions
  • In depth analysis of pre existing systems
  • Supporting documentation
  • Free 30 Minute Initial Consult
  • Current information and solutions