Compilation of mini fun projects! I am in the middle of adding more content thanks being patient! Some of the projects may link out to a third-party website to allow user interaction without installing additional software. You can never practice enough when it comes to programming there is plenty to learn and projects such as these ensure knowledge does not go stale. I encourage everyone to check them out and if your a developer complete them too!

Incomplete Sudoku game


We are looking at improving our sudoku game in the future. Built using React with a canvas to draw the board this has proved to be an exciting and somewhat difficult challenge. Feel free to give it a try and play right in the browser. This is an alpha release so there may be some bugs / glitches that will be fleshed out as the app progresses. Enjoy!

If you like to challenge your brain like we do Sudoku is always a good choice. Soon to come will be the addition of some extra features. These could include: the abillity to save your game, guides to show cells / row / regions selected etc, hints for those really tough ones and more.

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Random Quote

Random Quote Machine

Everyone loves quotes! There is always at least one that you can relate to which can make them even more exciting! Here is a simple program that displays random quotes. You can also use the button to display a new one and read more. The quote machine currently pulls from a list of about 100+ quotes found around the web / social media. Will update with more in the near future.

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