AMackenzieRoofing Website Development Overview

Technology Used

  • Hosting - GoDaddy
  • CMS - GoDaddy Site Builder


I was tasked with finding a low cost solution for a website. The requirements for the site would include but not limited to a contact form / information, company information, social links, Better Business Bureau link and policy

AMacKenzieroofing about page preview


I had basic knowledge of web development / design when I started this task. It was actually my first publicly available website to implement. To make things go smoother and give myself more confidence, I decided to research a few of the hosting platforms available. I found that GoDaddy had a solid foundation from which I could work from.


GoDaddy has a website builder walks through each stage of development which allowed my mind to be at ease. The majority of challenging design work was heavily abstracted. This allowed me to build a site with confidence even though I was lacking the low level knowledge to develop from scratch. With a few clicks the site was live and ready to go. My job was done!

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Now that I have completed my Information and Computer Systems Technology diploma and employed in the technology industry, a full featured hosting platform like this is not my first choice. If I'm tasked with revising the website I will develop fresh, modern, responsive site from scratch.

AMacKenzieroofing contact page preview

Looking Back

Although, the use of these services is very user friendly and quick to start up. It abstracts the fine tuning abilities a developer has control over. One major drawback is that pages can quickly become cluttered with information due to drag and drop / auto arranging elements. Overall it was a great experience and learning new technologies is always a great time.

Final Thoughts

With the experience I had going into this project I feel as though I have met the requirements and satisfied the needs. The next step will be to redesign the site from the ground up giving better performance and a cleaner, more streamlined look.