Gaming Platform Development Overview

Technology Used

  • Language - Python, Javascript
  • Hosting - AWS EC2
  • Framework - Django
  • Data Storage - AWS S3 / RDS - runningg mysql

Note - Details have been abstracted at the owners request


Building a game platform similar to Origin, Steam and other sites. The platform would allow game developers to provide the public with either a free or paid game.

Preview of Origin games list


The main goal of the project is to provide a suitable platform for all types of game developers to promote and offer their games.


The choice to use django was based on its built in admin panel. When it comes to user login an existing framework or library would always be my first choice rather than building one from scratch.


For this collaborative project, The platform is hosted through Amazon Web Services. (because they are amazing -> personal opinion)

Steam example

Looking Back

This is still an on going project that is being continuously refined and optimized. However, based on the work done to date its been an exciting and excellent learning learning experience.

Final Thoughts

Django is not my favorite framework to work with mainly due to not understanding it fully and being a new framework that I have yet to unlock its full potential. I am looking forward to becoming more fluent with django and continuing to enhance my already diverse knowledge.