I Know Numbers Android and IOS app Development Overview

Technology Used

  • IDE - XCode / Android Stodio
  • Language - Java / Swift
  • Testing - physical mobile device for both


Adding yet another toolset to my foundation in development. The mobile app development course exposed me to both sides of the app development world and standards. Although the course was not extremely comprehensive it provided the tools that allows me to migrate into the mobile app development sector with little resistance.

My project idea "I know Numbers" stemmed from a lengthy drive (2 hours) with my upset 2 year old.


Create an app with a simplistic design that was very easy to use for ages 1-3. The apps foundation would be a matching game of some kind that would appeal and create fun for toddlers.

In game Example


I decided to go with numbers 1 - 9 and just a few colors to follow along with the goal I had in mind. Fewer options would create a very toddler freindly application that they could also learn off.


Android studio and Xcode are complete ides that would allow for faster prototyping and a better looking overall app. The challenging part was creating the same idea for two seperate platforms and two different languages. (Swift, Java) The ability to run directly in the ide is a wonderful tool but I also liked to deploy to some older phones I had laying around the house.

In game Example

Looking Back

I am glad that I was able to reproduce the same application on both android and ios. Even though they had the same structure the code was quite different. The apple store and play store also have different requirements which was a nice learning process as well.

Final Thoughts

The applications were not released to either store for public consumption. However I do plan to continue development in my off time and have stable realeses in the future.